Banana Docs


1. Create Banana Account

After signup, you'll be prompted with two onboarding steps:
  1. 1.
    Billing - Don't worry, you aren't charged until you use GPU time.
  2. 2.
    GitHub App - Install Banana's GitHub app to access our build system.
Hint: You can install the Banana GitHub app to an empty organization or empty repository if you plan on only using 1-Click Models.

2. Select Deployment Method

Within the Dashboard, click "+ New Model" and select your deployment method.
There are two ways to deploy on Banana:
1-Click Models (Prebuilt)
GitHub Repository (Custom)

3. Monitor Build

If deploying a custom model repo, creating the model will trigger a build. Builds typically take up to 20 minutes.
Build Status
If you received a "Build Failed" status, here is how to troubleshoot.

4. Call your Model

Done! You can now call your model with any of our SDKs.