1. Create Banana Account

After signup, you'll be prompted with two onboarding steps:
  1. 1.
    ​Billing - Don't worry, you aren't charged until you use GPU time.
  2. 2.
    ​GitHub App - Install Banana's GitHub app to access our build system.
Hint: You can install the Banana GitHub app to an empty organization or empty repository if you plan on only using 1-Click Models.

2. Select Deployment Method

Within the Dashboard, click "+ New Model" and select your deployment method.
There are two ways to deploy on Banana:
Community Templates (Prebuilt)
Community Templates are ready-to use models that you can deploy in seconds, without dealing with source code. View list of Community Templates.
Find them within the Templates tab in your Banana account.
If taking this route, you can skip to Step 4.​
GitHub Repository (Custom)
Choose this if you plan to deploy a custom Docker image to Banana.
We suggest using the Serverless Framework as a base template to build on.

3. Monitor Build

If deploying a custom model repo, creating the model will trigger a build. Builds typically take up to 20 minutes.
Build Status
For Custom Models deployed with a GitHub repository, within seconds your model will show up in your Dashboard while the build is taking place.
Monitoring "Build Status"
You can monitor your "Build Status" on your Dashboard:
Or within the Model Settings:
If you received a "Build Failed" status, here is how to troubleshoot.​

4. Call your Model

Done! You can now call your model with any of our SDKs.