Migration FAQ

How long will you support V1?

Unfortunately, we don't have a set date yet. We want to give you a good grace period to migrate and ensure that V2 is 100% stable. That being said we wont rugpull anyone. Once we know the date, we'll communicate that clearly and well in advance.

Will V2 affect pricing?

No. The prices are the same. But V2 does affect billing. We're moving from a monthly billing cycle to up front payments. You'll find more info in the Account Changes sections.

What will happen to Turboboot?

Turboboot is an integral part of V2 and is always enabled on models on V2. If your V1 model had Turboboot enabled, it'll have it on V2 as well. If your V1 model didn't have Turboboot enabled, it'll have now 😉

Note though that the Turboboot button wont be visible in the UI for model on V2.

What about templates?

Templates won't move automatically over to V2. We're working on migrating the most popular models like Stable Diffusion, Whisper, Automatic1111 & the GPT family of models.

However, if there's a particular template that you explicitly want migrated, remember that the code can be found by clicking the banana (left image) in on the model card and the GitHub link on the template page (right image).

I you have difficulties migrating the template you can reach out on support@banana.dev. Even though we want, we simply don't have the bandwidth to support everyone on this. We'll do our best 🙌

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