The clients used to call Banana model on V1 infrastructure.

These docs refer to the SDKs for the soon-to-be-sunset V1 infrastructure. Currently, V1 supports models deployed prior to June 2023, and the Templates feature (which have yet to be migrated to V2). To determine if a model is V2, click into the model in the dashboard. If it has the "URL slug" field, it is a V2 model, and you should call via the V2 SDKs

All SDKs Expect:

  • API_KEY to identify your account.

  • MODEL_KEY to route the call to your model.

  • model_inputs which is arbitrary JSON that is passed to the server.

    • If using a 1-Click Model, you can see the optional inputs by clicking into the model from the dashboard and viewing the code snippet within the Info tab.

    • If deploying your own model, the schema of this JSON is up to you.

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