Sharing a Template

Templates let you share production-ready ML models with the community and make money doing it!

3 Steps To Share a Template

1. Host your Repo on Banana

See our quickstart guide and post in our discord if you need help!

note: Instant templates don't allow dynamically changing build args at this time, coming soon!

2.Add a banana_config.json to the root of your git project

We use this to auto-generate docs + code snippets


  • name: The projects name

  • category: Must pick one of the following. default = "Uncategorized"

    • Computer Vision | Natural Language | Audio | Multimodal | Uncategorized

  • example_input: JSON input you'd send to your model. Include all fields.

  • example_output: JSON output from model. Include all fields

  • version: string, tag for the version. This must be changed to push new template versions


  "name": "Stable Diffusion 2.1",
  "category": "Computer Vision",
  "example_input": {"prompt": "table with a book on it",
  "example_output": {"base64_output": "..."},
  "version": "1"

3. Share It

Open your model on and once it's built you'll see a Share button

You must agree to the following guidelines to keep our community healthy

  • Only share opensource code you have permission to share

  • Model does not violate any local or international laws

  • You've documented how to use the template and it does what you say it does

Once all checks pass, click continue, now you can view it at!

Pushing Updates

To update your template

  • push code to your git repo like you normally do

  • in one of your git commits update banana_config.json with a new version string

  • once the build completes on Banana click Share again for the model

  • The new template will be shared replacing the previous one with your latest version.

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